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RCX SMART remote logo

User-friendly digital rigging control

AIDA photo of rigging from above the stage

Out Board LVx and DVx rigging control breaks the mould with digital RCX SMART Remotes 

Available option for all new LV6x / 8x / 12x and DV8x controllers, AND retrofittable to ALL LV6/8/12 & DV8 Controllers already out there in the wild, RCX puts convenient digital multichannel control, non-volatile reversible memories and load-cell system feedback capability right into the hands of the rigging professional.  RCX SMART Remote handsets come in 16, 32, and 64 channel versions.

RCX Ethercon plug ’n' play interconnect simply lays out controllers on the RCX SMART Remote in the order they’re plugged up in the rack or multiple racks up to 300m away, using dependable RS485 control protocol on lightweight Ethercon CAT5. 

The RCX SMART Remote cable and daisy-chain between racks also delivers Broadweigh (and other) server load-cell threshold warnings straight up the same link onto the RCX SMART Remote to give a visual and audible warning of overload or underload status. 

All this in a compact robust package with intuitive operation and virtually zero-learning curve


RCX group showing 16, 32 and 64 options

●  16, 32 and 64-channel digital remote control
●  Optional for new LV6x / 8x / 12x and DV8x Controllers
●  Retrofits to ALL existing LV6 / 8 / 12 and DV8 Controllers
●  Ethercon CAT5/6 connection up to 300m away or between controllers
●  8 memories, non-volatile stored after power down, reversible with a single push
●  Integral Load Cell monitoring (Broadweigh, more later)
●  Compact, easy to use, zero learning curve 

RCX 16RCX 32RCX 64RCX EtherconRCX 16 skew imageRCX 32 with strap shown