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TiMax SoundHub Tutorial Videos launched on YouTube

The new TiMax Media channel on YouTube now has four short and sweet tutorial videos to help fast-track your way to programming and operating the TiMax SoundHub Mac and PC software. You can also download the software and User Manual at

Starting with an introduction to the TiMax SoundHub matrix mixer routing, mixing and cue list facilities, the series takes you in quick and easy steps through more advanced delay-matrix Image Definitions and their use for vocal localisation and sound effect delay-panning, and onto an explanation full suite of audio editing and showcontrol Trigger and Event stuff including object-based TimeLine panning, Looping, Go/Stop Cue's, MIDI, MTC, ShowClocks, Date Time. Further Tutorials will follow in the coming weeks.

The fully HD-rendered Tutorials have been produced and narrated by experienced TiMax sound designer and film post-production engineer Alan Hardiman, using Pro-Tools for effects preparation and mastering.  Alan's evolving TiMax application, sound design and showcontrol knowledge-base can be found at

Click on the link below to visit the TiMax Media channel

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